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At Carroll Physical Therapy, our mission is simple—to commit to practicing physical therapy the way it was intended to be.

To our patients...

  •  We commit to providing you with specific, effective care.  As an independent private practice, we are focused on providing you with award-winning care at an industry-low price.  Your treatment plan is based off of your specific needs and goals - and nothing else.

To our colleagues and practice…

  • We commit to the idea that the practice succeeds only when each team member succeeds.  This mutual commitment defines our way as it fosters growth and stability, both personally and professionally. 

To our profession…

  • We commit to autonomy, integrity and asserting our undervalued role in helping patients improve their quality of life. 

Senior Physiotherapy


To remain a most sought after physical therapy practice in Morris County, NJ.


Humility:   Everyone makes a difference.  Be a part of something bigger.

Trust:  Success is built on relationships.  It cannot be done alone.

Service:  Create value for others.  Put others first.

Integrity:  Practice the way we should. 

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