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Our #1 priority continues to be the safety of our patients and staff.  We are continually implementing new safety precautions above and beyond the CDC guidelines, including:

  • Air sterilizer on heating and air conditioning system

  • Independent HEPA Air Purifier covering the entire facility space

  • Privacy curtains between each treatment table

  • Vaccinations for all eligible employees

Please call our office with any questions - (973) 366-1600.

UPDATE: MAY 5, 2020

Many patients are reaching out to us to restart their in-office care, and of course there are many questions on how our office procedures have changed.


In addition to following all recommended guidelines, we are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.  Check out this video, where Dan Streeter gives you a tour of the office and reviews all the preventative measures we have in place.

UPDATE: MARCH 22, 2020

Following Governor Murphy’s directive, Carroll PT will remain open to provide essential rehabilitative services, such as to patients in pain or recovering from surgery or injury. We will be taking extra precautions to safeguard our patients and staff, including screening for COVID-19 symptoms and asking everyone to wash or sanitizer their hands upon entering the facility.  We will also be operating with a reduced on-site physical therapy staff and our administrative staff will be working remotely to allow for social distancing and to comply with the Governor’s mandate.

In addition to in-person appointments, we are also offering TeleHealth appointments as a secondary option to patients who can benefit from this service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at (973) 366-1600. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to continue to offer rehabilitative services to our community, while also safeguarding or patients and staff.

UPDATE: MARCH 18, 2020

Amid COVID-19 concerns, we have received many inquiries for TeleHealth appointments over the past few days.


As we continue to find ways to best meet the rehabilitation needs of our patients during this time, we are now offering TeleHealth services as an alternative to in-person appointments.  TeleHealth can be a valuable tool to:

  • Help assess your current state and prescribe appropriate home exercises and self-management tools to meet your needs

  • Discuss any new and evolving orthopedic issues

  • Help ensure that you are doing your home exercise program correctly


TeleHealth services give patients the ability to continue their prescribed plan of care through virtual sessions with their physical therapist from the safety of their own home.  Although TeleHealth is not meant to be a replacement for hands-on physical therapy, it is a safe secondary option during this time of uncertainty. Additionally, many insurance providers are providing in-network TeleHealth coverage - some at no cost to you.


If you are interested in transitioning to TeleHealth appointments, please call our office to learn more.  Our staff can determine if you are a good candidate for this option and also verify your insurance benefits.

UPDATE: MARCH 15, 2020

We are closely monitoring COVID-19 developments, and are continuously updating our policies as we receive more information during this unprecedented time.


We have consulted with the CDC, state and local health officials, and other medical professionals in the area.  Based on the information we have gathered, we have decided it is necessary to take further precautions to protect our most vulnerable patients.


In addition to the original guidelines, we are now temporarily suspending treatment for the following high risk populations:


  • Patients over 80 years of age

  • Patients over 60 years of age who have diabetes and/or high blood pressure

  • Patients over 45 who are immunocompromised or have pulmonary disease


If you meet any of the above criteria, please call our office to temporarily suspend your appointments.  We are actively reviewing all patient medical history, and will also call any patients we know to fit any of the above criteria.


Please understand that these precautions are for your safety.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time.  


Please call our office with any questions (973) 366-1600.

MARCH 12, 2020

At Carroll Physical Therapy, our top priority is the health and welfare of our patients and staff.  This message is intended to inform our CPT community about our plans to address the coronavirus (COVID-19) in our facility.  

We remain committed to serving our community and are taking all steps necessary to safeguard our patients and staff.  As always, we will continue to keep our facility clean by:

  1. Disinfecting all common areas, treatment tables, and equipment

  2. Providing clean linens (e.g. pillow cases, towels) to all patients and making hand sanitizer readily available

  3. Ensuring that all staff members continuously disinfect their hands


Additionally, public health authorities including the CDC have advised we screen for possible infection by asking these questions:


We ask that if the answer is YES to any of the above questions, please call our office at (973) 366-1600 to reschedule your appointment.  Should you arrive at the office and be found to meet any of these criteria, we will kindly ask you to leave the office to prevent exposure to other patients and staff members.

If you have any questions, please call our office and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

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